How to Choose Between a Cloud or Premise IVR Solution for Pharmacies

Are you thinking about incorporating an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solution for your pharmacy but haven’t decided if it should be on-site (premise-based) or cloud-based technology? Let’s look at some pros and cons for each.

On-Premise IVR Solution:



Hosted (Cloud-Based) Solution:

  • Cloud system can be set-up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to set up an on-premise system.
  • Lower cost compared to on-premise solution.
  • Less maintenance required by the pharmacy.
  • More flexible scalability options available.


  • Depends on internet connection.
  • May require a third-party security provider.

Now that we have discussed some basic pros and cons for both a Premise-based solution and a Hosted solution, let’s take a look at a more specific example.


As found on Symago’s website, there are several different options when setting up an IVR solution for your pharmacy.

If you have a well established pharmacy or a hospital pharmacy, you may have the ability to dedicate maintenance and desire to have the system On-Premise. “Some organizations need to keep all calls and data within their own premises, rather than use an outsourced data center, for security reasons; or simply prefer to leverage their existing investments in network and telecom infrastructure. For these businesses, Symago offers the Premise Based IVR: a custom designed, totally turnkey, yet budget friendly solution.” ( )

On the other-hand, if you have a smaller family-owned pharmacy with two or more locations, you may find that a Hosted option is better suited to your needs.

Symago is qualified to handle your IVR needs and accommodate your preferences with their fully customizable solution.