Custom Services

Customized IVR Applications

For many businesses, an "off the shelf" solution doesn't fully meet their needs. That's why Symago offers complete application development from scratch, with the exact features and capabilities required to achieve your organization's operations and customer service goals. Our team of highly adept enterprise/solution/technology architects, user innovators, design experts and program management specialists bring an average of 25+ years of experience to the table, assuring you of the highest quality services and support available.

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We manage every aspect of your custom IVR, from conceptualization and architecting to comprehensive testing to call scripting and recording. We even provide custom reporting so you can track every part of every phone call. And you'll receive full implementation service whether or not we host your IVR solution.

Throughout the process, you'll work hand in hand with a Symago project manager who will make sure that you receive everything you expect ... and more. All development and project management are done in-house and within the United States by U.S. citizens. Result: your business is enabled to move forward with the best possible solution and support in place.