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Fish & Wildlife

The Advanced IVR Solution for Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Imagine how much time and manpower you’ll save when SymHarvest completely automates the check-in process for hunters reporting their harvest. It’s on the job 24/7, for both hunters and enforcement officers. It tracks quantities and locations of game killed, making compliance with federal mandates a breeze. And it shortens the post-season data collection process from months to a single day.

SymHarvest Features

Benefits for Hunters


  • Conveniently report harvest by phone 24/7/365
  • Save time and effort of going to physical check-in stations
  • Receive immediate acknowledgement of report
  • Multiple languages
  • Automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech




Benefits for State Agencies


  • Reduce or eliminate staffing of check-in stations
  • Reduce errors by replacing manual with automated tasks
  • Officers in the field can call in to verify reported harvest
  • Biologists can obtain harvest information daily
  • Reportable species customized for each agency



Benefits for Administrators


  • Web-based administration with remote access
  • Integrates with most major telephone systems
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Proactively increased capacity based on projected call volume
  • Professionally scripted and recorded messages
  • No additional IT staff, expertise or maintenance needed
  • 24/7 server monitoring

Choosing SymHarvest

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Our agency’s association with Symago began in 2004 (i.e., when they took over as the contractor/service provider for our IVR-based Game Harvest Reporting System). In the beginning, they had to manage the incoming call volume resulting from our white-tailed deer and eastern wild turkey hunting seasons; a pretty tall order in its own regard! However, over the intervening 10 years, we’ve asked them to incorporate the tracking of our annual elk, bobcat, river otter, black bear, and sandhill crane harvests as well as accommodate requests from us (often on very short notice) to amend their IVR system programming to include newly-acquired parcels of public hunting land, revise various voice prompts, etc. Over this same time period, our state’s average deer kill has increased by 24% and the highest recorded harvests have occurred in the last three Seasons. Through all of this, Symago staff have met every deadline, delivered affordable service, and always professionally and quickly resolved the few technical problems that have arisen. For all of these reasons, we look forward to a continuing and long partnership with Symago, LLC!

David Yancy – Wildlife Biologist, Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

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Unlimited Reporting

Our systems have no limitations to which animals can be reported, including deer, elk, bobcat, river otter, turkey, geese, and more.  Symago can tailor your application to meet your needs.

Reliability during Peak Times

There is no limitation to the amount of calls that can be handled at any one time. The SymHarvest solution can handle heavy call volumes without any prior notification by ensuring that ample ports are available.

Efficient data Collection

Automated check-in processes make it easy for hunters to report their harvest and for agencies to collect the data frequently and efficiently.