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The Leading IVR Solution
for Pharmacies and Healthcare

Symago’s Pharmacy and Healthcare Services do much more than answer your phones 24/7. Our user-friendly navigation allows customers to place prescription refill requests anytime, day or night, and check to see if their refills are ready to pick up before heading to the pharmacy.

It transfers callers to the pharmacist for personal assistance during normal business hours and allows them to leave messages after hours. It responds to telephone touch tones or voice commands, and supports fax, email and Internet interfaces.

// Robust. Scalable. Customizable.

SymRx Solution

SymRx offers a complete IVR software solution which can be scaled and customized to your particular pharmacy and patient needs. With both customers and physicians in mind, our technologies serve with speed and efficiency. Best of all, constant interruptions of pharmacy staff are eliminated which increases productivity.

SymRx has been installed in numerous hospitals, retail and independent pharmacies throughout the country. Whether you are a large or small pharmacy chain, independent or specialty, SymRx has systems tailor made for you. A Symago project manager ensures you get what you need and what you expect as well as all the benefits of SymRx solutions.

The solutions provided by SymRx assist your pharmacy in reaching goals and driving initiatives. Plus, patient health outcomes improve as you reinforce positive patient behaviors. And, overall healthcare costs decrease.

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Choosing SymRx

Proven IVR systems such as SymRx offer the convenience of technology with a focus on the patient and the result of increased revenue streams. To get started laying out the perfect, customized solution to meet your needs, care for your customers and advance your business goals, contact Symago today.

Our goal is to help you operate your business with efficiency and productivity and meet challenges effectively. And, of course, SymRx cutting-edge solutions ensure all systems maintain a focus on excellent patient care as well.

Improved Patient Adherence

When patients consistently fill their prescriptions, it means health for them and business for you. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension prove better managed with adherence. Your pharmacy partnering with SymRx plays a vital role.

Increased Prescription Growth

Adherence leads to refills on existing prescriptions which boosts revenue. Plus, loyal customers are created by the patient care services you develop with the help of SymRx.

More Time for Patient Care Services

The decreased interruptions of pharmacy staff which accompany SymRx solutions free employees for greater patient care. Medication reviews, patient counseling reviews and more get increased attention when automated solutions are introduced in other areas.

Optimized Patient Satisfaction

Automated services and increased time for patient care win big with pharmacy patients. SymRx solutions show customers that you value their time and health. And, optimized patient satisfaction also means optimized and innovative revenue opportunities.

// Integration at its Finest

Seamless Integration

With the help of modern technology, SymRx makes your job convenient and more productive. Plus, patient lives get easier and healthier. Our ability to integrate with most major pharmacy management systems makes this version of IVR accessible to your business.

  • EPIC Willow Ambulatory, McKesson EnterpriseRx, Rx30 and Cerner Etrebey integrate with our solutions.
  • Digital PRI or T1, Analog and SIP/VoIP technologies link SymRx to your telephone system.
Epic App Orchard

SymRx is integrated with Epic as an app in the App Orchard and meets all of Epic’s development, security, and qualification requirements.

SymRx Features

SymRx allows patients to take care of simple tasks quickly and efficiently and gets them to a live voice when the matter requires personal assistance.

With SymRx, patients can easily check their prescription status and refill prescriptions by phone. Plus, patients access your pharmacy 24/7 to cater to full schedules.

Call options include pharmacy hours and information messages as well as after-hours customer message recording and the ability to transfer to your existing voicemail system. Plus, SymRx keeps the human component in mind by connecting patients with pharmacists for direct assistance when requested.

If you are looking for more features and customization, SymRx offers it. With optional services, this IVR system caters to your pharmacy’s unique needs.

SymRx recognizes multiple languages which support international use. Other features such as Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) offer hands-free use to patients.

Refill Compliance Reminders, Refill Ready, Return to Stock Refill reminders and outbound email notifications as well as outbound text (SMS) to help customers stay on top of their health and increase your business. Time investment is decreased with this automation. 

The speed of interactions with busy physicians is also enhanced with IVR technology. And, time waiting on hold by pharmacy staff is eliminated.

Automated sending of doctor fax refill authorization notifications simplifies refill requests and keeps your business moving.

Many behind-the-scenes features of SymRx bring added convenience to your operations. With web-based administration, you make changes and control the action with remote access.
  • Set system parameters, hours of operation and holiday schedule.
  • Adjustable pick up times.
  • Remote prompt recording.
  • Special announcement message management.
  • Call reports and data.
Additional SymRx features include the Legacy Refill Queue which is used to transition between an old Pharmacy Management System (PMS) to the new PMS during the initial rollout of an IVR implementation.

Professional studio-recorded messages. Making you look and work professionally and productively comes with all IVR system solution features.

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It can’t be overstated how important it is to select an ideal business partner. At Eskenazi Health, we selected Symago LLC to help improve our pharmacy wait times and abandonment phone calls. Symago met our vendor requirements on budget, financial solvency, experience and references, but it was their charisma that distanced them from their competitors. In particular, we had a special need for an emerging telephone technology, and Symago presented a “yes we can” attitude when other larger and better known IVR companies told us they couldn’t help. Symago became a vital part of our business team, and we value our relationship with them. Our partnership is special and not one seen in standard business relationships these days.

William Rhodes – Pharmacy Project Manager, Logistics, Eskenazi Health