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Text Message Opt-In

Symago provides our SymRx Pharmacy IVR Solution to pharmacy chains and pharmacies associated with hospitals and healthcare organizations. We provide both inbound and outbound IVR solutions. As part of the outbound solution, we send outbound SMS text messages to the pharmacies’ patients via toll free numbers provided by Twilio, informing the patient that their prescription(s) are ready for pickup at the pharmacy. We receive a daily outbound file from the pharmacy management system (PMS) based on a report they run extracting those patients that have refills ready to be picked up and have opted in to be notified when they have refills that are ready.

Symago has no direct contact with these patients and only sends texts messages based on the information submitted to Symago by the pharmacy. The pharmacy has the business relationship with the patient and has them verbally opt in during the initial patient intake. This information is placed into the patient’s profile and used when the PMS outbound report is run in order to create the outbound file. That file is then picked up by the IVR engine and loaded for use by the outbound texting application.

Below is a screenshot of the customer preferences for SMS text messaging from our client.

Communication Preferences