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What is IVR and Why Do I Need It?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a solution developed to help businesses filter their incoming calls and to ensure the calls are received by the correct employee. It can be utilized by a variety of industries, including healthcare and pharmacies.  Some responses can even be automated, such as answers to questions regarding location, hours of operation, and when a prescription will be ready. These customized prerecorded answers allow your calling customers to avoid long hold times waiting for your busy pharmacist to answer a simple question. This results in a satisfied customer calling, a more focused pharmacist, fewer pharmacist errors due to distraction, and a satisfied in-store customer needing the pharmacist’s attention.

IVR Solution

When deciding on your IVR solution, it is important to have an option for your customer to connect to a representative. No one likes a system that drags your customer in circles without providing a way out. When you include an option to connect to a pharmacist, you maintain the image of customer care and personal interaction on which small pharmacies thrive.

Think of the many calls your pharmacy receives each day. How many of these calls are customers asking about your pharmacy’s hours and location? How many want to place or refill a prescription? How many simply want to check the status of a prescription? How many truly need to speak to a pharmacist?

Now think about how much time your pharmacists spend answering the calls with simple, routine questions. This is time they could be spending with customers in the store, working on prescriptions, and many other more pressing tasks. As an employer, you understand that although your customers’ satisfaction is your top priority, time is money and should be prioritized and maximized.

Final Thoughts

The IVR solution solves both problems of customer satisfaction and better time management creating a win-win situation for you and your customers. Symago offers customizable IVR solution options that allow you to create the best responses and options to fit your specific set of needs. It is not a one size fits all set of prepackaged plans that may or may not work. Each plan is specifically suited to the client, and our team is here to help and support you at every step.

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