Consulting Services

Software Configuration Management

Symago's Software Configuration Management (SCM) services are tailored to the needs of each individual client, with quality and productivity always our guiding principle. We focus on process improvement of the Collaborative Development Environment (CDE) by implementing IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP) and IBM Rational software tools. Throughout the Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC) of the software products, our SCM consultants provide:

  • Experience, knowledge and skills required to identify, improve and implement mission critical methodology for your CDE
  • Practical support using proven methodology
  • Training and mentoring with established best practices
  • End-to-end quality support for deliveries and releases
  • Accelerated adoption of RUP while minimizing disruption to ongoing projects

IBM Rational Tool Consulting

Symago seamlessly combines established RUP assistance with the expertise to determine the required tools for your CDE development. It's the essential first step in creating a custom-fit SCM plan that will enable you to do business efficiently, effectively and profitably.

We manage all phases of your CDE, including:
  • Infrastructure implementation, testing, execution/automation of builds for release management of ELC products
  • Set-up and maintenance of a source code defect tracking tool from design to release
  • Multiple OS platform infrastructure support (such as UNIX or Windows AIX) for RUP interoperability

Supporting You Now ... and Down the Road

We'll function as an integral part of your team in designing your CDE infrastructure and custom-fit SCM process. Whether the CDE is small, large or somewhere in between, you'll benefit from our continued support and fine tuning until it performs exactly as you wish.

Symago offers a variety of long term technical support options, based on the size of the infrastructure, development/production environment and maturity of the overall CDE. Whatever the degree or extent of our collaboration with you, our mantra will be: your success is our success.