Custom Services

Premise Based IVR

Some organizations need to keep all calls and data within their own premises, rather than use an outsourced data center, for security reasons; or simply prefer to leverage their existing investments in network and telecom infrastructure. For these businesses, Symago offers the Premise Based IVR: a custom designed, totally turnkey, yet budget friendly solution.

We do all the "heavy lifting" to get your IVR system up and running, from identifying the best connection method for your current telephony environment (analog, digital or SIP), through implementation and testing, to ongoing maintenance support. We will also work with your telecom provider to ensure that the IVR system can receive calls, transfer calls and disconnect calls properly (when the caller is finished) so that the port is freed up to receive the next call.

Included with your Premise Based IVR is our Alarm Center Management Tool, which notifies both your team and ours when system errors occur. This tool monitors the health of the network connection; alerts when a digital line such as a T-1 drops; and can even identify issues outside of the system by checking database statistics in real time. For example, it can be programmed to notify you when there’s a drop in the number of calls received, which could indicate a problem with the telcom provider.

Your facility, our technology ... with the Symago Premise Based IVR, it's a winning combination.